A collection of the several papers sent to ... the Lord Protector ... concerning the bloody and barbarous massacres, murthers, and other cruelties, committed on many thousands of Reformed, or Protestants dwelling in the vallies of Piedmont, by the Duke of Savoy's forces, joyned therein with the French Army, and severall Irish regiments.

(London), Printed for H. Robinson ..., 1655

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To his Highness the Lord Protector of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND, and the Dominions thereto belonging.


A Briefe Apologie in the behalfe of the Reformed Churches in the Valleyes of Piedmont; With a Narrative of what hath happened in the execution of the Arrest issued against them the 25th. of January, 1655.

Andreas Galstaldus, Doctor in Law, Conservator and ordinary Auditor, sitting in the Honourable Chamber of accounts of his Royall Highnesse, and Generall Conservator of the holy Faith, appointed to put in execution all orders which are published against the pretended Reformed Religion, in the Valleys of Lucerne, Perouse, and St. Martin, and particularly appointed by his said Highnesse for this speciall businesse.

A second Apology in the behalfe of the Reformed inhabiting the Valleys of Piedmont.


A third Apologie for the said Churches against the Calumnies falsly imputed to them.

An Appendix to the foregoing Apologie.

An Abstract of a Letter writen from the Vale of Perouse the 17 of April 1655. Describing the beginning of the murders and cruelties committed on the said Reformed.

Lyon, the 8th of May 1655.

A Continuation of the description of the murthers, and cruelties committed on the Reformed, in the Valleys of Piedmont, on the 6. and 7. of Aprill 1655.

A Letter written to his Highness the Lord Protector of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, &c. about the said Murthers Massacres and cruelties, sent together with the said descriptions.

Timothy Venning autore

Stouppe, Jean-Baptiste [Giovanni Battista Stoppa] (fl. 1651–1673), Reformed minister and spy, originated from the Grisons, Switzerland. A proposant or divinity graduate of the Academy of Geneva, he was tutor to the children of a Huguenot magnate, the marquis de Montbrun, in Dauphiné when in November 1651 he was recommended by the continental Huguenot churches to their fellows in ...


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