Published by George Virtue, London., 1838 Incisione su acciaio, tratta da:''The Waldenses or Protestant valleys of Piedmont, Dauphiny, and The Ban de la Roche''; by William Beattie M.D, Illustrated by W.H. Bartlett, & W. Brockedon, F.R.S., Published by George Virtue, London., 1838. Panorama della città di Susa vista dall'alto. From the original description: Of the three regions into which Italy may be divided, in respect to its climate, soil, and commercial resources, the first is that which opens at Susa, and extends along the valley of the Po — a tract which fully vindicates its characteristic title of '' the garden of Italy.'' It is the country of luxuriant harvests and unfading pastures; where the vine, the olive, the walnut, and the mulberry, amply repay cultivation; and where crop succeeds crop without exhausting the soil or becoming deteriorated in quality. The rearing of silk-worms is a department in which the inhabitants of Piedmont—with great encouragement on the part of the landed proprietors—have found much lucrative speculation. Their forests of mulberry trees constitute a certain annual revenue; and from the food thus amply supplied, and to which every year makes some fresh contribution, silk-worms are here propagated to an unlimited amount, and a vast quantity of raw silk prepared for the market.
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