Compendioso Racconto Di più Incendj, Inondazioni, Fenomeni, e Terremoti Accaduti in diverse parti del Mondo nel passato Anno 1755., e nel principio corrente 1756...

Rome, Chracas, 1756 4° (218x155 mm). 16 pp. Large woodcut ornament on title, on verso decorative initial. Unbound. A very fine, clean copy. A rare compendium of natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, and fires - occurred between 1755 and 1756, including a fire which in the night of 26 January 1766 destroyed two theaters in Piazza San Marco, at Venice. But the more extensive part of this Racconto is obviously devoted to Lisbon and to the three ‘plagues’ - earthquake, tsunami and fire – that on 1 November 1755 devasted the city. The account briefly describes the complete destruction of buildings, both public and private, and a particular mention is reserved to the customs and the House of India, symbols of the commercial importance of Lisbon, now in ruins. Baratta, p. 922; F. Luccichenti, I Chracas stampatori in Roma (1698-1771), “L’Urbe“, xlvii (1984), pp. 136-142; T. E. D. Braun-J. B. Radner, The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755. Representations and Reactions, Oxford 2005; W. Spaggiani, Da Lisbona alle Calabrie: la catastrofe e i lumi, in S. Fabrizio-Costa (ed.), Città e rovine letterarie nel xviii secolo, Bern 2007, pp. 225-248.
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