Relazione del spaventevole Terremoto Accaduto in Lisbona, ed altre parti del Portogallo, ed in diverse Provincie della Spagna Il dì primo Novembre del present’Anno 1755

Ancona, Nicola Bellelli, 1755

Folio (280x197 mm). [2] ll. Woodcut ornament on title; woodcut initial on first verso, tailpiece at end. Unbound. A very good, untrimmed copy, light spotted at folds. Exceedingly rare copy of one the earliest Italian report on the horrible earthquake which caused the complete destruction of the rich and beautiful city of Lisbon. A disaster of catastrophic, almost unconceivable proportions that had a traumatic effect on the entire Europe, generated an intense theological and philosophical debate, and monopolized the attention of the scientific community, arousing a new interest from for the study of the seismic phenomena. No copy recorded in the Italian institutional libraries, or in OCLC.

T. E. D. Braun-J. B. Radner, The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755. Representations and Reactions, Oxford 2005; W. Spaggiani, Da Lisbona alle Calabrie: la catastrofe e i lumi, in S. Fabrizio-Costa (ed.), Città e rovine letterarie nel xviii secolo, Bern 2007, pp. 225-248.
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