Serie di 7 studi monografici, bio-bibliografici per la Burndy Library di New York.

Volumi in-8 gr., illustrati da figure e tavole. Leg. edit. in cartoncino. I) Moving the Obelisks. The Vatican Obelisk. New York 1950, pp.64. - II) Galvani-Volta. A controversy that led to the discovery of electricity. 1952, pp.52. - III) Ten founding fathers of the Electrical science. (1954), pp.48. - IV) The Atlantic Cable, the expedition 1857-1867. N.Y. 1959, pp. 96. - V) The Victoria and the Triton. 1962, pp. 58. - VI) A letter from Galileo, the innovator. 1957, pp.58. - VII) Luigi Galvani, an expanded version of a biography. 1971, pp.24. - Interessante assieme.

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