Appunti sul terremoto di Valparaiso.

Pavia, Successori Fratelli Fusi, 1906 249x168 mm. 7 pp. A folding plate, showing the recorded shock. Original printed wrappers. Slightly damaged and discolored. Unopened copy, with autograph presentation to the direction of the journal Tribuna. Brief observations on the devastating earthquake occurred on 16 August 1906 in Valparaiso (Chile), also recording in the night of 17 August by the seismographs of the Osservatorio Ximeniano at Florence, directed by Alfani. Offprint from: Rivista di fisica, Matematica e Scienze Naturali (Pavia), vii (1906). S. Ferrighì, L‘Osservatorio Ximeniano di Firenze, Brescia 1932, pp. 125-151.
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