Memoria sul Tremuoto de’ 26 Luglio del corrente Anno 1805…

Naples, Vincenzo Orsino, 1806 8° (213x124 mm). xvi, 224 pp. One folding map of Molise, after Gaetano Montefuscoli, and engraved by Nicola Cesarano (minor tear to inner blank margin); one engraved plan of the ‘Quartiere Palazzo’ in Naples; one engraved folding diagram. Contemporary marbled wrappers. A very good copy, uncut and partly unopened. Title light soiled, marginal staining. Spotting throughout, margins and corners rather torn, and turned down. On title the number ‘130’, in violet ink. The Commander of the Royal Military Academy, and member of the London Royal Society, visited personally about 100 localities in the area affected by the devastating earthquake of 1805, and particularly in the districts of Isernia, Cam- pobasso, Benevento and Avellino. A very important and detailed source. Baratta, p. 921; BSRI, p. 278, MS014; Clio, s.v., p. 3684; E. Esposito et al., Il terremoto di S. Anna del 26 luglio 1805, “Memorie della Società Geologica Italiana“, 37 (1987), pp. 171-191; D. Caiazza, Earthquakes and Ancient Peasant Cultures. Ethnographic Observations following the 26th July 1805 Earthquake, “Annali di Geofisica“, 38 (1995), pp. 555-557.
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