Relazione di quanto si è fatto in Malta alla prima confusa, ma tristissima notizia delle ruine cagionate in alcune parti della Sicilia dal Terremuoto

Malta, F. Giovanni Mallìa, 1783

Folio (282x203 mm). 4 pp. Woodcut Royal arms on the first page, large cul-de-lampe at end. Unbound. A very good copy, slightly staining and browning. The devastating earthquake occurred in 1783 had a great echo in the Mediterranean area. From the island of Malta – as reports the present, and very rare account - immediatly sailed to Messina some ships with food aid, medical supplies and surgeons in order to help the emergency. The generous support and assistance from the Hospitaller Order of Malta and its Grandmaster Emmanuel de Rohan de Polduc is also recorded by Corrao (see item 67).

Unknown to Baratta, and BSRI. M. Pinault-Sørensen, Images du désastre de Messine, 1783 in A. M. Mercier Faivre-C. Thomas (eds.), L’invention de la catastrophe au xviiie siècle. Du chatîment divin au désastre natural, Genève 2008, p. 360-366.
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