Baratta, Mario.

Sulla distribuzione topografica dei terremoti in Italia durante il quinquennio 1887-91. Saggio di geografia sismica…

Genova, Tipografia del R. Istituto Sordo-Muti, 1893 255x166 mm. 14 pp. Five folding lithographic seismic maps of Italy. Original printed wrappers, slightly soiled. On the upper cover ‘Omaggio di M. Baratta’. Unopened copy. Two short tears to blank inner and outer margins of the first map. With interesting observations about historical earthquakes. The remarkable achievement of Baratta’s study the historical Italian seismicity lies in the publication in 1901 of the catalogue I terremoti d’Italia. “The huge compilation I terremoti d’Italia […] was the result of an Italy-wide research project carried out in 1896-1900 by the geographer Mario Baratta with the help of a large network of collaborators (mainly libriarians and seimologists) […] Providing as it does a sort of rounding up of past earthquake knowledge, Baratta stands as a watershed in Italian seismology, and played a key role in the establishment of Italy’s ‘earthquake consciousness’” (R. Camassi, Catalogues of Historical Earthquakes in Italy, pp. 647-648). Offprint from: Atti del primo Congresso geografico Italiano, Genova 1892 Baratta, p. 851; R. Camassi, Catalogues of Historical Earthquakes in Italy, “Annals of Geophysics“, 47 (2004), pp. 645-657.
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