QUARITCH, Bernard. 

Monuments of typography and xylography books of the first half century of the art of printing, in the possession of Bernard Quaritch and offered for sale at the affixed prices.

London, Bernard Quaritch, 1897,

in-4, pp. XIV, 312. Coperta in carta d'epoca.  Monumentale e celebre catalogo,  frutto di 20 anni di assiduo lavoro di Quaritch, che tra i 364 volumi presentati include anche la Bibbia di Gutenberg; quest'opera è tra i più importanti cataloghi mai pubblicati da un libraio. "The collection is the fruit of assiduous gathering during twenty years, and although made by a mere bookseller, is one which many museums might be proud of. It illustrates with sufficient clearness and fulness the early history of the Art which has been the most powerful agent in the work of Civilisation.  It would be an occasion for regret, if such a gathering of books as is described in this catalogue, were to undergo a total dissolution, and be scattered in single volumes over the earth. The labour of finding and uniting them, and of bringing them into harmonious relation with each other, has been toifully accomplished.  The number of books here described is over six hundred; the total aggregate prices is £ 32,500. If the collection is bought en block, I would sell it at a reduced price to be agreed upon.  Bernard Quaritch. London, November, 1897" (prefazione). Esemplare discreto. 


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